Situated on the Sinclair Inlet, Port Orchard is home to several renowned marinas and has one of the two haul out facilities in the West Puget Sound.  Port Orchard is a popular destination for boaters who take advantage of the onshore amenities.  You can find the many boating events on our Events tab.  The boat ramp at Water Street is popular with fishing enthusiasts and other recreational boaters.  Kitsap Transit runs the foot ferry services between Port Orchard and Bremerton, taking riders to the Washington State Ferry terminal in Bremerton where ferries leave for Seattle throughout the day.  Two historic ferries, the Carlisle II foot-ferryand the Admiral Pete, remanents of the old Misquito Fleet, still serve as the foot ferries.

Invitation to Port Orchard

sidney-bay-streetInvitation to Port Orchard from the Port Orchard Bay Street Association



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